My first solo navigation flight

Solo Nav!

As i walk the sky

My flight was going smoothly, until I got to my report point, which was where I had to contact the air traffic controller about my intention of joining the airspace to land.

Me: Jeans Approach, Good day to you again from Oscar Lima Alpha

Approach : Oscar Lima Alpha

Me : Oscar Lima alpha currently passing over St El rail track, routing from Rhodersdale back to Jeans and requesting your joining and landing procedure

Approach : Oscar lima alpha, the QNH is 1013, route via the teniqua pass and contact tower on 101,8 overhead half way golf course.

Me: QNH 1013, via the teniqua pass, tower on 101.8 overhead half way golf course.


After my radio call, I noticed that I’ had deviated from heading. I got really confused because I saw about 4 passes and wasn’’t sure which was the right one. This is a general problem that student…

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Flight Training In South Africa

Passport check!
Visa check!
Bus ticket check!

I remember the excitement on my face when the day finally arrived.I would be traveling to South Africa for my flight training.We took the evening bus in Harare (Capital City Of Zimbabwe) which arrived the following morning in Johannesburg and we had to connect on another bus to continue the trip.I was going to a town called Bloemfontein.The road trip was spectacular l enjoyed the beautiful scenery and advanced infrastructure.

South Africa is a beautiful country located south of Zimbabwe.Most Zimbabweans move to South Africa in search of greener pastures eg University,employment and better quality of life.Most people prefer moving there due to its closeness to Zimbabwe.

We had a safe journey and received a warm welcome.The accommodation prepared for us was very nice and we had a lovely induction.I felt like l was dreaming and often pinched myself.

Within the first week we got our medical certificates so as to enable us to start flight lessons.Each morning we prepared for school,wore our pilot uniforms one would think we had gone back to high school.We started having daily routines.We had ground school as well as flight lessons.

The flight instructors were really nice and very supportive.I enjoyed my training and soon went solo.I had previously gone solo in Zimbabwe but it was also exciting to go solo in S.A as well.I remember l wasn’t expecting to be sent solo,we went for our normal routine circuits as we taxied back my instructor asked me to stop the plane and let him out then he surprised me and told me that l would go for a circuit alone.I wasnt expecting it at all,l remember putting a huge smile on my face.Let him out and taxied back to the runway so l could do my circuit.The plane took of from the runway and l was up in the sky all alone talking to myself in the plane,doing my checks etc then final approach had to bring the plane down.I did it!!!!!Yaaaay!!!! After parking the plane a bucket of water was waiting for me!That was the ritual for a student who had gone solo.The flight operations lady called my mom in Zimbabwe and told her the good news.My mom was really happy about all the progress that was transpiring in this new field considering l didn’t want to fly at first.Up until now we continue to joke about me not wanting to pursue aviation and yet now l am glued to it.

I passed my theory exams and pushed my flying within no time l had my Private Pilot License.It did require maximum effort especially with the theory exams one had to be consistent and study.After l obtained my license I could fly family and friends for free.I enjoy flying so much each flight is unique in its own way.

I am going to write other blogs in future about my cross country flights especially the eventful ones.I hope you enjoyed this one too.

Thanks for reading.


Road To Aviation In Zimbabwe

Growing up l never thought l would at some point fly planes.I always thought l would become a lawyer or join the business sector.I wasn’t sure about what exactly l wanted to do.

An uncle of mine opened a flight school and told my parents about it.My parents loved the idea and asked him if l could become a pilot.He told them l could anyone could become a pilot.I had recently completed my High School studies and was looking forward to going to university like all my other peer’s.I felt heartbroken and betrayed when l had to change paths and watch my friends going to college,little did l know l was being prepared for an exciting career path.I remember my dad telling me that the only thing they would pay for was my flight training and not university tuition.I had to do it.

I started attending flight lessons at Charles Prince Airport which is located just outside of Harare in Zimbabwe.I remember attending ground school and meeting so many people who were in love with aviation.They were all excited!At that time everything was new to me and yet very interesting.Bit by bit l started my research about this new path l was walking in there was so much to learn and it was fun.I also started taking actual flight lessons and this was fun too.It was a totally new world full of surprises each day had something new for me.I was falling in love,the aviation bug was catching up with me.

Like many others l never thought l could fly due to the many myths l had heard whilst growing up,things like ‘You need to have studied sciences,you are a girl,you not strong enough to fly an airplane.’ All this changed when l began to defy gravity in the Cessna 172 , take off and land the plane.I was doing it.I also passed my theory exams.I couldn’t stop smiling this was definitely my passion no questions asked.My parents used to tease me and ask ‘ What happened to l want to go to university?’ The way it all happened was a complete turn.I was excited to wake up each morning and drive to the airport.I started walking with my head up in the sky always.

At this time due to an economic turn around things started getting bad in my country of birth there were fuel shortages and this meant disruptions in my training.I decided to go ahead and look online for flight schools in other parts of the world.During my search l found South Africa to be a pretty good country to go and learn how to fly.As l was doing that l met a man who was an agent for a flight school in South Africa.He assisted me with my application,visa etc within a month l was off to South Africa.It all seemed like a dream.I have realized that when something is for you and its the right timing you will meet the right people who will assist you with what ever you may require.I had also introduced my friends at the flight school to the agent and he managed to assist a large number of us to process our applications and we headed south.It was indeed a new adventure.Our parents were terrified to send off young adults to a foreign country.I was very excited!!!!

In my next blog l will write about my time in South Africa as a student pilot!Thanks for reading my blog l hope you enjoyed it and were inspired.We can all achieve our dreams we just have to believe in ourselves……